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UX Design


Graphic Design




Avaya, Inc.

Lincroft, NJ


Sr. Technical Writer

Independent Consultant


As a contractor, and later an independent consultant, I created documentation for Avaya’s Hosted Solutions product line which includes converged telephony products for end-users, technicians and service provider customers such as: sophisticated call centers, VoIP services, and universal voice services. Understanding of these systems required knowledge of blade servers, virtual machines, virtual storage, integrated networks, telephony (including VoIP and SIP), VPNs, firewalls, storage area networks and network management. Information was collected from technical specifications, developer interviews and using the equipment being described.


Note: From 3/2003 until 9/2005, worked as a W-2 contractor with Volt Information Sciences. From 10/2005 until 7/2006, worked as an independent consultant through my company, Moon & Star.