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UX Design


Graphic Design




Concurrent Computer Corp.

Tinton Falls, NJ


Principal Member of the Technical Staff


This is when I got to invent a programming language from scratch. I was hired to be the lead firmware engineer for the Micro3200 minicomputer. I was part of a 10-person design team building a bit-slice processor from scratch. The micro-word was 64-bits wide, and the architecture was pretty complex, with floating-point processors, custom gate arrays, a look-ahead instruction cache, and more.


Memory was precious at this time, so the code had to be fast and efficient. My job was to implement the instruction set of Concurrent's OS32 real-time operating system in firmware. The algorithm I used for the character and block move instructions was so efficient, our machine had a 50% performance increase in benchmarks run against the "flagship" computer in our product line. Later, I went on to write a multi-processor version and an I/O version of the OS in firmware.


Our computer was used in the Space Shuttle Simulator, as well as simulators for commercial aircraft, helicopters and tanks.